The ScheckterSpeed Story

scheckterspeed is an online used car sales platform that gives private car owners access to an extensive network of pre-approved dealerships. Daily online auctions allow dealerships to bid for vehicles to ensure every private car owner gets the best possible price.

The name ‘Scheckter’ is synonymous with motorsport – an eminent racing family and a household name both in South Africa and internationally.

Ian (six times South African Champion and a Formula One racing driver) and his brother Jody (1979 World Formula One Champion with Ferrari) have both been inducted into the South African Hall of Fame.

The legendary son-and-father team, Jaki and Ian, established scheckterspeed in 2021, with Jaki Scheckter as director.

The family’s wealth of knowledge about the automotive industry, a widespread network of associates and the South African consumer’s increasing comfort with e-commerce transactions have led to the establishment of scheckterspeed as a world-class sales platform.

Born with a hearing impairment, Jaki hears bilaterally via Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants. He did not allow this to slow him down in his racing or business career. He recently established the Jaki Scheckter Hearing Foundation to connect qualifying financially and socially disadvantaged hearing-impaired people to the world of sound and meaningful life with an Advanced Bionics Cochlear implant. To donate/further information, click: jaki’s hearing website

For every car sold, scheckterspeed donates to the foundation.

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Jaki's motor racing highlights include

1992 South African Formula Ford Champion

Winner of Barber Dodge Pro Series Shootout and a $100,000 scholarship in 1994

1995 USA Barber Dodge Pro Series Champion, beating Juan Pablo Montoya

Voted Motor Sportsman of the Year by the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists in 1995

2013 Legends of 9 Hour Historic Racing class Champion, racing a Pablo Clark Racing 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD

The official race car driver and Ferrari's driver coach for Pablo Clark Racing, from 2010 to date

simple. secure
click to register and follow the easy steps to sell – it’s free!

private car owner faqs

Car dealerships require stock on an ongoing basis, which guarantees a high level of interest in your vehicle. Your car will be displayed to a large group of interested pre-approved dealerships who will compete to offer the highest bid through our platform.

It is swift, simple and seamless:

  • Start the process by completing the obligation-free registration form at the top of the Home Page (or you can click on any ‘register’ button).
  • Complete the rest of the fields on the “Vehicle Detail Form” to provide the additional required information such as vehicle description, condition, mechanical state, and the vehicle’s service history. Select full, partial, or no service history from the dropdown menu. Upload a photograph of your license disk* and NATIS/ registration paper*. *This is for our administrative records only and will not be displayed to anyone else.
  • Supply as much detail as possible to improve your chances of a great offer!
  • Please make sure you upload a minimum of five photos of your vehicle: exterior, front, left and right side, interior, as well as a back view as well as tyres. Be as transparent as possible, indicate any damages on the vehicle to ensure a smooth sales process and enable a better offer (show scratches, dents, etc. on your photographs. If possible, mark them with a circle and/or arrow before uploading).
  • We recommend that you blur out any confidential information, such as your license plate, before you upload your photographs – for your own safety.
  • Once you’ve completed the application, make sure all your vehicle details are correct on the ‘Confirmation Page’ and click the “SUBMIT” button.
  • Upon our receipt of your application form, you will be sent a confirmation via email with a link to the live auction page and an explanation of the process.
  • Your vehicle will be loaded onto our secure platform and showroom with access to a large number of pre-approved dealerships who will bid on your vehicle.
  • You will be able to view the live bidding and offers on the day of auction from your profile. It is important to take note cars loaded after 11:00 am on weekdays, may only go on auction the following day. Cars loaded on Saturdays after 8:00 am may only be auctioned on Monday.
  • You can decide whether to accept or decline the offer of the highest bidder. The dealership with the highest bid will then arrange an appointment with you to inspect your vehicle to ensure it matches your profile.
  • Remember, all offers are subject to inspection. After inspection, all necessary paperwork will be completed, and EFT payment will be arranged by the dealership to conclude the sale.

scheckterspeed mitigates the risk linked to out-of-hand sales – from sharing your personal details across platforms, to the verification of dealerships (buyers). We pre-approve and verify all participating dealerships.


No dealership (buyer) will have access to your personal contact details until the bid is won.

We have developed the scheckterspeed platform with your information privacy and security as our top priority. All data uploaded to the scheckterspeed platform is held on a highly secure server in an encrypted database.


We adhere strictly to a non-disclosure policy as well as the POPI Act. Your personal and contact information will only be shared with the successful bidder (a pre-approved dealership) once you accept the offer. Your acceptance of the offer grants us permission to disclose your information to the specific dealership. The dealership will then contact you to conclude the safe and secure sales process.


We highly recommend that you blur out your vehicle registration number plates and/or any other personal information that might be visible before uploading your pictures, to increase your privacy and safety.

The more information you can provide, the better. You will benefit from higher bids if you are honest and transparent, providing as much detail as possible about the condition of your car (such as tyre condition, bodywork, service record, interior, past accidents, etc.). Dealerships will be more likely to bid on a vehicle with a detailed description and good-quality photographs (front, back, left, and right side and interior), because detailed information allows for more accurate pricing. Most importantly, it will eliminate any possible discrepancies during your vehicle inspection after you have accepted the offer.

The following minimum information is required: the year and model of your vehicle, current mileage and variant/manufacturer’s description, i.e., Ford EcoSport 1.5i Manual Petrol Trend. You are also required to upload a photo of the vehicle’s licence disc* and NATIS/registration paper*. *The disc and NATIS/ registration paper photographs, plus VIN number are for our administrative records only and will not be displayed to anyone else.